Home Directory & Database Browser for Jira

Our most popular Jira app allows system administrators to pinpoint and resolve issues with Jira faster.

It is possible for a Jira System Administrator to download files from the home directory without logging in to the server directly. And the app also includes a database console which enables a Jira System Administrator to run queries directly against the Jira database.

Finally, as Jira System Administrators often need to watch the log files to troubleshoot issues it is possible to see the logs within Jira itself. 


Threaded Comments for Jira

This app enables Jira users to keep their comments threaded with the particular comment they are replying too, avoiding any doubt as to who was responding to whom.

@mention users in the same way as you would do in a Jira comment. See the threads n-levels deep as needed.


Bulk Move Subtasks for Jira

Bulk Move Subtasks for Jira allows a user to bulk move sub-tasks from one Jira issue to another.