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Website Sitemap

What is a Website Sitemap?

A sitemap is simply a list of your website pages in a single page. When a prospect accesses your website they can access the sitemap to find any pages that they are interested in viewing.

However, the major benefit of a sitemap is for the search engines. Your sitemap will enable Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engine robots see how all the pages, fit together in your site. When you link your sitemap to your homepage, it will enable Google to index your entire website.

The Google Sitemap

The Google sitemap is a file that is on your website server, that shows all the pages on your website and their attributes. This will allow Google to read the file and index all the pages on your website.

Create a Sitemap for your website

This is a very simple online process that will generate an excellent sitemap for your website.

Click the button below and we will collect a few details to setup and run your sitemap.

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